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  • This is a copy of the City College of San Francisco Online Teaching and Learning Reference Guide for all of our instructors. Materials licensed under Creative Commons License - see inside course for details.
  • This course is the first in a series of three training courses. It is an invitation to experiencing Catalyst as a student while planning and preparing for your own course. Additionally, this first course is designed to make you aware of the legalities of teaching with this tool, as well as the commitment to learning that comes with using this tool.
  • This is the second of three courses in the Catalyst training series. Here, you will design and build your own Catalyst online course. Additionally, you will learn design techniques and tips that will promote ease of use and course management.
  • This course is the last in a three-part training series. So - you've designed and built your course. Now, let's fine-tune all those little details that mean nothing until you go to use them and ACK! You discover - what does it do? What did I want it to do? How do I...? Tips for helping you manage your time and workload while teaching with Catalyst, and for the things you need to finalize before and after teaching to help ensure a successful course.
  • This is a sample course template. It includes headers for weeks, sample books, discussion forum, and quizzes, as well as provides a "sample" layout for course flow. Goodies include ideas for how to display "required readings" and a "Learner Contract" quiz to motivate learners to actually peruse your syllabus and required readings materials. Additionally, this shell contains all of the training materials used in my workshops for future reference.