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Report Format

You can specify different output formats for the Hot Potatoes reports.

Report Format

the report will be generated in HTML format suitable for displaying in a web browser

the report will be generated as an ".xls" file which can be opened by a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel

the report will be generated a text file which can be opened by a text editor


A list of encodings may be offered which allows you to force the report values into a specific encoding if your spreadsheet program requires it. For example, Microsoft Excel requires the "SJIS" encoding for Japanese. The list of possible encodings can be adjusted by the site administrator on the "Settings" page for the HotPot module

Wrap data

long data values will be wrapped to fit into table cells. This may make some rows very tall

data values will not be wrapped

Show legend

in the main report, questions and answers will be represented by letters. A legend will be generated which shows which letters represent which questions or answers

questions and answers will appear in full in the report and no legend will be generated

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