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FIXED! Usability Issue with Instructor in "Student Role" view and Quizzes
by Admin User - Thursday, January 8, 2009, 12:23 PM

We've identified a "problem" in using the Instructor in "Student Role" feature.

PROBLEM: An instructor may "switch role to" any role permissions beneath theirs, such as "student" from their main course page at the top right of the course next to "Turn Editing On". If they switch to student role view and then go to a quiz and ATTEMPT the quiz AND submit their results for the quiz, an attempt is logged for that quiz.

The problem is that now the instructor is locked out of editing the quiz once they return to their "normal view" (as an instructor). There is no check box next to the attempt to delete the attempt.

FIX: Go back to your course mainpage. Switch your role back to instructor by clicking on "Return to normal role". Now, go to the quiz you attempted (click on this quiz). Click on the "Results" tab. There is a section for "Preferences just for this page" on it. In this section, change the " show/download" option from the dropdown menu to "All Attempts" and then scroll down and "Save preferences". Your screen will refresh and you'll see the name of the student (in this case, you or "Admin") and there is a checkbox next to the student name for that attempt. CHECK the box and then click on the "Delete selected attempts" button. DONE!

To view a video of this problem and solution, go here: Moodle 1.9.1 - Instructor in Student View - Remove Quiz Attempt

This issue has been identified in the Moodle 1.9 Tracker. Initially we thought it was a bug, but it seems to be a usability issue instead. To bring this to the attention of the Moodle Core Developers, please take a moment and go to the below link and submit your vote:

- http://tracker.moodle.org/browse/MDL-15309

(If you're new to the tracker, create a new free login, then go back to this link.)

On the left pane is a "Vote" section, click on "Vote" and then add yourself to the votes list.

Your time and assistance on this is much appreciated.

This issue has been fixed by the Moodle Core team and is included in the latest release of Moodle 1.9.x. YEAH! Thank you to all for voting!